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HVAC System Atlanta

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HVAC System Atlanta – HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. The purpose of these systems is to control the temperature and create comfort in a room or space. This is done by taking air from outside. HVAC systems typically have health regulations. This means temperature and humidity have to be kept at certain levels. There are a number of HVAC System Atlanta based cleaning companies. F&C Air Duct Cleaning is one of the best companies that cleans HVAC systems. They can be contacted at (470) 745-0970.

HVAC System Atlanta


There are a number of heating systems that exist on the market. One type is a furnace. A furnace will burn material like natural gas or propane. This creates heat, and the heated air goes through the air duct. Boilers heat water to provide heat. Gas or oil heats the water. There are also radiators and electric heat.


Air conditioners come in a variety of sizes. One big box can cool an entire home. There are also portable window ones used only in the summer. For those that live in a dryer area, evaporative coolers are quite common. Air is taken from outside. It then passes through the system and through water-saturated pads. The air is cooled and moistened passes through rooms.

HVAC System Atlanta

Types of HVAC Systems

Heat pumps take heat from the cold winter temperature outside, warms it, and passes it through a room. This moderates the temperature of the room. Rooftop units are large systems on the rooftop to control the temperature of larger spaces like office and apartment buildings.

Water source heat pumps need a local water source. There are two types of water source heat pump systems. One is the closed-loop system. These pipe water and anti-freeze mixtures to a local water source like a river. These mixtures flow through coils or are used for heating exchange panels in the water. Once the mixture is heated, it is piped to the heat pump. Refrigerant is then exchanged with the heat. Another water source heat pump is the open-loop system. The water from the river is piped to the heat pump. Refrigerant is then exchanged with the heat. The water is returned to the river.

Packaged HVAC systems are similar to rooftop units. However, they are smaller because they are meant for homes. It is perfect for those that need more cooling than a window unit can provide but need less than a central air conditioning system. A split system HVAC is an air condition unit that has components that are split and used in different places. A ductless system is for a large room or multiple small rooms. It is the most common air conditioning unit. It is meant to be used in the home. F&C Air Duct Cleaning clean home units as well as office units in the Atlanta area. They can be contacted at (470) 745-0970.

The Wrap Up

HVAC systems are used to control the temperature in a room or building. This is necessary for the Atlanta heat. There are a number of systems that exist. If you have an HVAC system, F&C Air Duct Cleaning can cover the cleaning needs of your HVAC unit in Atlanta. They have a number of certifications. They also use the latest technology in tackling dirty HVAC units. They first check out the system to decide what is the best way to clean the system. Then, they efficiently take on the task. They will give customers before and after pictures to see how well they cleaned the unit. They can be contacted at (470) 745-0970.

HVAC System Atlanta
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