The Basics: Proper Dryer Vent Cleaning Process

Sometimes people will pay for the basics: proper dryer vent cleaning process, and the firm will show up with a leaf-blower and shop vac. At first glance, this equipment may seem adequate, but each home is different, which makes each dryer vent different.A dryer vent can have a long run which has a variety of bends. These bends prohibit pressurized air from removing debris from the line. When you call (888) 801-8170, a certified technician will gather an air flow reading, assess the situation, create a cleaning strategy, and provide follow up service.

When you think about the basics: proper dryer vent cleaning process, you probably think why do I even need to clean my dryer vent. The number one reason is for fire prevention. According to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission, over 15,600 fires each year are associated with clothes dryers.

These fires typical start because of lint build up in the exhaust duct or dryer. This lint blocks, which leads to heat build-up, and then this heat causes a fire to start in some dryers. Fire is not the only issue when it comes to blocked air flow.

A variety of industry studies estimate a blocked dryer vent can cost an extra $18 to $24 in energy costs. With this increase, you are paying almost an additional $300 a year in fees that are unnecessary. With the price of the basics: proper dryer vent cleaning process being under this $300 mark, it makes sense to have the service performed yearly.

By calling (888) 801-8170, you can have peace of mind that we have expert knowledge in the basics: proper dryer vent cleaning process. You call right away if you see any of the following signs associated with your dryer.

Warning Signs

It is effortless to recognize the signs that you need the basics: proper dryer vent cleaning process performed. These signs include:

  • When removing clothes from the dryer, they are abnormally hot to the touch.
  • During operation of a dryer, the vent hood flap does not respond or open.
    Your last the basics:
  • proper dryer vent cleaning process was completed over a year ago.
  • It takes your clothes longer than 35 to 40 minutes to completely dry.


Many dryer vent cleaners have a set price for the basics: proper dryer vent cleaning process. This fixed price may seem straight forward at first, but you have to consider that some vents run only five feet while others run 40 feet.

A dry vent on a dryer may only have one bent while a different dryer’s vent may have ten bends. Dryer vents can vent to the roof, under the deck, to the attic, to the side, to the basement, or not at all. All of these considerations emphasize the fact that all dryer vents are different.

Some cleaners will have a set price but then tack on additional fees for bends, elbows, etc. These extra charges can be astronomical. At (888) 801-8170, we offer fair, first-time quotes when we provide the basics: proper dryer vent cleaning process.

Service Time

Our experts can typically complete the basics: proper dryer vent cleaning process within 30 minutes to one hour. Your schedule is busy, and we want to honor your time. These professionals will use an eight-step process, which includes:

  1. 1. Running a diagnostic test for air flow
  2.  Empty the lint screen and vacuum the area around the screen
  3. Unplug the dryer
  4.  Move the dryer out to have better access to the vent
  5. Remove the tube and vent cover
  6.  Vacuum out the vent- this step may require special brushes and other tools to reach the hard to reach areas.
  7. Put the dryer and vent back into place
  8.  Run another diagnostic test to ensure cleaning was successful

After Maintenance

After the professionals have done his or her job, you can lengthen the benefits of the dryer vent cleaning by taking some preventative measures, which include:

  • After every load, clean your dryer vent’s lint trap.
  • You should make sure your dryer vent is up to code. An example is to make sure it is the safer metal line instead of foil or plastic.
  • It is also important not to push your dryer so far back that it causes smashes or crinkles in the vent hose.

Call (888) 801-8170 for an estimate or to schedule a dryer vent cleaning appointment today.

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