Sanitizing, antibacterial and deodorizing HVAC vents and System

You probably want to be healthy and keep your family healthy, right? Some individuals do not understand the risks associated with HVAC-borne germs. One of the focuses of media attention right now is the efforts in combating HVAC germs in hospitals.

Hospitals are full of sick and contagious people. Some of these illnesses are airborne and can become antibiotic-resistant germs. These types of germs appear in hospitals HVAC systems across the nation.

Healthcare Facilities Today estimate that HAIs (Healthcare-Associated Infections) is more deadly than AIDS in the United States. Some experts believe that the airborne variety of these infections are more dangerous. They also state that these airborne HAIs are on the rise in the US.

You may be wondering what does HAIs have to do with sanitizing, antibacterial and deodorizing HVAC vents and system in your home. While it is true that your HVAC system is not at a severe risk like a hospital or healthcare facility, the same principles apply to your home HVAC system.

A hospital or healthcare facility can illustrate why it is crucial to complete sanitizing, antibacterial and deodorizing HVAC vents and system in your home on a regular basis. When you call (888) 801-8170, we can provide services in sanitizing, antibacterial and deodorizing HVAC vents and system in your home.

The experts also recommend reducing the bacteria in your HVAC system after the Sanitizing, antibacterial and deodorizing HVAC vents, and system has been completed in your home. Some steps you can take are included in this article.

Air Circulating

When you use an HVAC system to control the environment, you are using recycled air which does not allow germs to be removed from the air. One way to prevent this recycling of bug infected air is to open a window and to use ventilation fans.

This usage also helps to eliminate the need for frequent sanitizing, antibacterial and deodorizing HVAC vents and system service. If your climate is too hot to open windows during the day, try to do it in the evening because you will still drastically improve the air quality in the house.


Another excellent strategy for reducing the need for sanitizing, antibacterial and deodorizing HVAC vents and system services in your home is controlling the humidity levels in the house. Flu and other viruses like low humidity environments. Increasing the humidity levels in your home during the winter months can help keep you and your family healthier.

It is also essential to limit the amount of humidity in your home, so you must find the perfect balance. To find this balance, you can purchase a hygrometer. This tool provides you with the exact atmospheric humidity level.

Ultraviolet Light

A UV light is one way to combat airborne germs. Most people do not know this fact, but it dates back to 1903 when it was used to combat tuberculosis. The problem with ultraviolet light is only UV-C will kill germs, and this wavelength does not occur on Earth easily because the ozone layer keeps UV-C out.

When purchasing an HVAC system, you can find applications that incorporate UV light to help improve the air quality of a home. You can also install a direction UV-C light facing the air mover which would send the air through this apparatus every time it circulates.

Air Filtration

You may not want to open your windows during the hottest part of summer or the coldest part of winter so that an air filtration system may be needed. This system can be purchased like a portable humidifier and will significantly reduce the number of airborne germs and particles.

If you purchase an air filtration system, you should find a unit that comes with a High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter. Doctors and allergists recommend this type of filter because they are efficient and effective as an air purification tool.

All of the above suggestions will reduce the need for sanitizing, antibacterial and deodorizing HVAC vents and system services for your home. However, you should still have this service performed every year to prevent build-up and sanitize your air in your home.

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