Commercial Air Duct Cleaning Services

The American Lung Association has conducted a variety of surveys and studies. During the research, the Association has found that a large variety of the population spends almost 90% of their time indoors. This fact makes F & C Air Duct Cleaning mission to improve the air quality indoors for everyone by providing Commercial Air Duct Cleaning Services.

This company will provide commercial air duct cleaning services to improve the air quality for your employees, customers, and yourself. If you are ready to eliminate contaminants in your air ducts, give the experts a call at (888) 801-8170.

Maintenance Air Duct Cleaning

The experts at the National Air Duct Cleaners Association argue that when a building is occupied, a variety of contaminants and air pollutants can be generated. These pollutants include chemicals, dust, and dander. Once these pollutants enter the HVAC system, they can be recirculated five to seven times each day.

This recirculation can cause a build-up of pollutants in the ductwork of a business. This build-up can lead to a reduction in employee productivity, increase in illness, and may cause customers to quit coming to your business. You should call (888) 801-8170 today to schedule commercial air duct cleaning services.

Benefits Duct Cleaning of Services

Commercial air duct cleaning services can improve your building air quality, save you money on energy, and ensure a healthier work environment for you and your employees. When you call, we will provide you with the appropriate commercial air duct cleaning services.

These services will include the following benefits:

  1. Improved employee and customer air quality- When you have your commercial air ducts cleaned, it will reduce dust and other contaminants circulating in the air. These contaminants land on the office furniture and flooring. With an air duct cleaning, you will reduce the amount of dusting and cleaning required to maintain a hygienic office.
  2. Increased productivity in the work area- If none of your employees suffer from respiratory issues or allergies, an air duct cleaning will increase productivity by making it easier to breathe. Commercial air duct cleaning services help to promote a sense of well-being by making your office a more comfortable environment.
  3. Reduction in allergies, coughing, sneezing and other symptoms associated with poor air quality- Commercial air duct cleaning helps to remove micro-organisms and pollutants such as pet dander, bacteria, toxins, spores, mildew, and mold. People who suffer from particular health issues can benefit from a periodic air duct cleaning.
  4. May reduce the nasty smells and odors- A variety of items such as food, tobacco, paint, cleaning products, and pets contribute to stale air quality. If these odors are in your office venting system, every time it is in use, these odors will circulate throughout your building. When you use commercial air duct cleaning services, we will remove all the trapped odors, and you will experience a fresher smelling office.
  5. Cooling and heating system will work more efficient- If your building has a massive build-up of dust and debris, it can restrict the airflow from the heating or cooling unit. This restriction makes your system work harder to cool or heat your office, decreasing the level of efficiency. After an air duct cleaning, your system will operate at peak efficiency, which will reduce the cost of your heating and cooling bills.


Some commercial building has accumulated dust and debris such as rodent droppings, cobwebs, and vermin. When you clean the ductwork, you are removing these items, which improves airflow and the efficiency of your heating and cooling system.

If you notice any of the following signs in your commercial heating or cooling system, you know it is necessary to get your ducts cleaned today:

  • Debris, dust, cobwebs, or any other substances are blowing out of your registers.
  • Mold visible on any surface of the ducts, including the heating and cooling system.
  • Dead insects or rodent droppings inside the registers or ductwork.


By calling (888) 801-8170, you will find experts who are unparalleled in commercial duct cleaning services. We provide these services to laundromats, condominiums, office buildings, hospitals, schools, universities, fitness centers, and any other commercial or residential building.

We use a safe and certified cleaning process to ensure the best results. We are a trusted industry leader who provides professional indoor environmental solutions to your problems. For peace of mind and better air quality, call us today to schedule an appointment or consultation at (888) 801-8170.

F & C Air Duct Cleaning located in Atlanta, GA has established a solid reputation for quality work and outstanding results.