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Dryer Vent Cleaning Atlanta

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Dryer Vent Cleaning Atlanta – According to the U.S. Fire Administration, almost 3,000 home fires started annually because of clothes dryers. This is due to the buildup of lint. Most people clean out the removable lint filter. However, this is not enough. Lint can make it past the filter into the dryer duct. A build-up of this lint restricts of the airflow. This leads to overheating which can lead to a fire.

The Warning Signs

There are a few signs that will tell you if your dryer vent has a build up of lint. Your dryer may get very hot. The laundry room or the place where you keep your dryer is abnormally humid. There is a burnt smell where the dryer is located. When you take your clothes out the dryer, they are not dry. It may take longer to dry your clothes. Clothes are abnormally hot after a cycle in the dryer. The exhaust vent flapper will not open as much as it did before. Do not ignore these red flags.

Dryer Vent Cleaning Atlanta

How Can Cleaning The Dryer Vent Be Beneficial

When you clean your vent regularly, it reduces dust and humidity in the home. It also helps you save on energy costs as your dryer will not have to work as hard. Your clothes last longer. A symptom of a dirty dryer vent is hot clothes. Exposing your clothes to high temperatures can lead to a breakdown in fabric. If you want to keep your favorite shirt in pristine condition, you should be mindful of this.

When Should The Dryer Vent Be Cleaned

Only 25% of the lint in the dryer is caught by the trapper, the rest of the lint ends up in the vent. More lint means a restriction in airflow. This makes your dryer work harder, and you will have to pay more on your electricity bill. You should have your dryer vent inspected and cleaned every three to twelve months. This usually depends on how many loads of laundry a household does a week. If the laundry is being done once or twice a day, you may have to clean the vent more frequently than someone who does laundry once a week. Once a year may be sufficient for someone who does laundry less frequently.

Dryer Vent Cleaning Atlanta

Why You Need a Professional

Many people feel the need to do things themselves around the home. This is because they want to save money. However, cleaning out the dryer vent requires more than a simple vacuuming. You will need special tools to properly clean out the vent. The money spent on these tools could be used towards hiring a professional. Also, once the vent is clean, it will need to be put back how it was before. Not installing your vent properly may lead to more issues down the road. If your vent is located on the roof, this may cause an even greater risk for yourself. Pipes in walls and ceilings are more difficult to navigate, and you will definitely need a professional then, especially in the Atlanta heat. A professional is also much faster in cleaning the dryer vent than the homeowner. It may take him only 30 minutes. When it comes to dryer vent cleaning Atlanta has one company that stands out. F&C Air Duct Cleaning is one company that offers this service in the Atlanta area. They can be contacted at 470 745-0970.

The Wrap Up

If your clothes are damp or extra hot, it may be time to clean your dryer vent. Cleaning your dryer vent is a great way to prevent a fire in your home. It can make your dryer run more efficiently. This will save you money down the road. The dryer vent should be cleaned at least once a year. It is also important to hire a professional. Doing these things will help you in the long run.

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Dryer Vent Cleaning Atlanta
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